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Introducing Good Habits Early: Setting Your Children Up For Long Term Health

Introducing Good Habits Early: Setting Your Children Up For Long Term Health

Poor hygienic and dietary habits that form in childhood are often the pathway to chronic health conditions in adulthood. Many of our patients have young children and we fully understand how difficult it can be to stay consistent with your child’s dental routine. As hard as it is, it’s worth the extra few minutes every day to ensure that your child forms healthy habits. These are 3 tips that we recommend every parent utilize. 

  1. Use Fluoride: Before teeth erupt through the gums, fluoride ingested via food or dietary supplement strengthens tooth enamel, which protects teeth from decay once they do erupt. By topically applying fluoride to teeth which have already erupted, you can remineralize broken-down enamel that has begun to decay. Drinking water is fluoridated in most towns and cities in America, in order to strengthen teeth. If you don’t have fluoridated drinking water, you may want to consider a fluoride supplement for your children. Talk to us about it during your next visit. 
  2. Brush Together: Getting children to brush on their own can be difficult, and when they do, it’s impossible to know if it’s getting done properly. Kids mimic what their parents do and these habits often last a lifetime. Make brushing an activity that you and your child(ren) do together so that they can witness your good habits every day. When they see firsthand how much you care about your dental health, they will begin to form the same habits.
  3. Understand Diet-Related Risk Factors: Diet is one of the number-one factors that impact overall health, not just dental health. We respect every patient’s choice about what they put into their bodies, but we think it’s incredibly important for parents to understand the risk factors associated with certain diet choices. Kids don’t get to choose their diet on their own and the eating habits they form in their early years can and often do stick with them for life. It’s your responsibility to introduce good habits early. If you are unsure, we encourage you to ask your hygienist about diet choices at your next appointment. One of our highest priorities is educating our patients so that they can improve and protect the overall health of themselves and their families.

Use these tips and keep up with your regular visits to East End Dental Wellness to ensure that your child develops healthy habits that last a lifetime!

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