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Exploring New Possibilities For Your Smile

Exploring New Possibilities For Your Smile

Dentistry is a constantly evolving science. Even within the last decade, innovations have made new treatments more possible, effective, and affordable than they were previously. Small imperfections that we once believed we had to live with forever are now far simpler to correct. 

So, that thing about your smile that you’ve never liked, but never considered fixing, may be worth a second thought. Crooked, chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth are not things you have to live with if you don’t want to. We never push patients to make aesthetic corrections, but we want you to know what options are out there. The solution is likely cheaper and easier than you’d think. For example, custom aligners or retainers can correct small gaps or misalignment without the need for braces (in some cases). 

Modern dentistry also makes it easier to treat issues conservatively if they are caught early on. There are many cases in which we can save a tooth when years ago we would have replaced it with an implant. If you want to keep your natural set of teeth, regular checkups are one of the best preventative measures you can take. That way, we can catch issues before they become too severe to treat conservatively. 

To conclude, you should discuss any and all dental concerns with us when you visit East End Dental Wellness. You may be surprised at the possibilities of what we can do for your smile!

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