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Paul's Testimonial

“Previously, when I had a gum issue, Dr. Kim recommended I make some simple changes in my overall health. I took his advice, and just a few short months later, my gum health improved dramatically. Unlike so many others who are out for a quick buck, Dr. Kim really does care. He takes the time to teach you what you can do to help yourself. I’m so grateful for his professionalism, warmth and excellent advice. I’ve got my big smile back, and I’m proud to be his patient.” -Paul Dzialo

Leslie's Testimonial

“I work in healthcare, so I know dental care is important, especially as it relates to cardiovascular health and overall health. Early in my life, didn’t have very good experiences at the dentist. So, now, I look for a dentist who has patience, takes time to explain things, and helps ease my anxiety. Dr. Kim does just that! He even let me listen to headphones during the exam!) His office is up-to-date, and he uses the latest technology, and takes time to show you how to prevent issues help you stay healthy. I’ve followed his advice and my teeth feel and look better than ever!” - Leslie Lussier

Cheryl's Testimonial

“My gums are finally healthy & I’m so happy! As someone who’s been visiting East End Dental for nearly 20 years, I can tell you that their advice has made a huge difference. Previously, I had horrible experiences at the dentist, and I avoided dental visits for almost 10 years. But since going to East End Dental, I have actually come to ENJOY my dental visits! Dr. Kim and his staff are very patient, kind, and very gentle. They are so detailed in their care. For a long while, my gums were inflamed, and would bleed every time I brushed or flossed. But East End Dental showed me how to properly brush with an electric toothbrush and water pic. I followed their advice and I’m happy to say my gums are finally healthy.” - Cheryl Blanchard

Sara's Testimonial

“I was initially referred to East End Dental by my endodontist and I’m so glad I followed his advice! Everyone at the office is efficient, helpful, proactive, and patient. Prior to visiting Dr. Kim, I had several dental issues due to circumstances outside my control. But Dr. Kim’s staff explained procedures thoroughly, took the time to make recommendations that would work for me, and even gave me advice about how to prevent any future issues. In fact, since working with Dr. Kim and his staff, I haven’t had one single new dental issue. I love how his office looks at each patient as an individual, with your own unique dental puzzle to figure out. I follow their advice and now am so happy with my dental care!” - Sara Lupica

Leslie's Testimonial

“When I was young, I had a terrible experience at the dentist. For years afterward, I was afraid to go. I heard from a friend about Dr. Kim’s office and how they were patient, calming, and understanding so I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did. Not only have they been incredibly understanding of my fears, they actually have helped to make me unafraid of the dentist. Because of East End Dental Wellness, I am now attending appointments regularly, taking their preventative advice, and working daily at maintaining my health. I have the healthiest mouth I’ve had in years and I’m so grateful!” - Jennifer Maitland

Leslie's Testimonial

“I’ve always been proactive about my dental care, but East End Dental has helped me become even more educated about what I can do to prevent issues. Over the last couple of years, the hygienists on this team have given me great advice, such as avoiding acidic foods and using a water pick. They also explained to me that even when you can’t avoid acidic foods, you can help your teeth by promptly brushing afterwards. I’m really happy with my smile!” - Kathleen Kelley

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