Teeth Whitening in Easton, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater, MA

Your health comes first. Here at East End Dental Wellness, we believe that part of being healthy is being emotionally healthy as well. If you love what you see when you look in the mirror, you’re going to be a healthier person. If you love your smile, you’ll smile more often. That releases more “feel good” endorphins in your body, which can help you combat a variety of physical and emotional ailments. In addition, patients who have their teeth whitened also tend to take better care of them afterwards so that their smile stays looking great. Dr. Kim and our team are proud of the work we do to help patients whiten their teeth and have the smile they’ve always wanted.

Professional Whitening or Over-the-Counter Whitening: Which is better?

If you’ve ever wanted to whiten your teeth, you may have noticed that stores carry various brands of in-home whitening kits. Some of them promise big results. But there are some big important differences between the whitening kits we provide in our office and the kits you can buy in the store. Here’s what you need to know about the downside of going the “over the counter” route.

Whitening Strength

Though the whitening agents used in over-the-counter brands may be similar to those prescribed in a dental office, the big difference here is how concentrated the whitening agent is. Because the whitening kits offered at our Easton dental office are prescription-strength, they can actually seep through the tooth and strip away the staining material from under the enamel. If you just buy a whitening kit in the store, they are likely to only take care of very surface-level stains and discoloration.

Same Product for All

A variety of factors can affect the overall result of whitening. For example, your age and lifestyle can affect how well the whitening agents work and even how long they will last. What you drink and eat, and even environmental factors can impact this, too. But if you buy a box in a store, there’s no one to discuss this with. Only a dentist with experience in whitening, like Dr. Kim, can have a conversation with you about your specific situation and what your expectations are for whitening. A box bought in a store can’t provide a consultation.

One size fits all?

Some over the counter kits offer “strips” and some offer “trays.” Both of these provide a method of delivering the whitening agent to your teeth and keeping it there in place for a period of time. This is necessary in order for the whitening agents to work. However, none of the store-bought kits can provide you with a customized tray, design to fit the exact contours of your mouth and your specific teeth. The result is that some areas of your teeth get more of the whitening agent than others, and the overall color isn’t consistent. Although East End Dental Wellness does also provide a standard tray option for whitening, we also provide a customized option. We can take a mold of your mouth, send it off to a lab, and have a perfect-fit whitening tray for you to use over and over again.

Long-Term Investments

If you are looking enhance your overall smile and appearance, there are usually several steps involved in reaching the desired result. You may need orthodontics to straighten teeth, an implant to replace a missing tooth, and whitening to achieve the color you are looking for. The order in which you do these procedures is important. For example, if you’re going to straighten teeth, you should probably do that before you whiten. Otherwise, you’ll likely have to whitening again after the orthodontic treatment is complete. Consulting with Dr. Kim beforehand can save you time and money.

Teeth Whitening at East End Dental Wellness

If you decide that professional teeth whitening is right for you, Dr. Kim offer an in-home tray kit with two options: customized or standard trays. You’ll wear these trays each day for two weeks. The customized trays are yours to keep and can be used again the next time you want to whiten your teeth.

To learn more about your teeth-whitening options, please feel free to schedule a consultation at our Easton, MA dental office. Dr. Kim will be more than happy to help you choose a whitening method that best suits your needs and goals.


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