A denture, also known as “false teeth,” is a set of artificial plastic teeth, made with a metal or plastic base, used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be removed for cleaning and sleeping, and can be placed back into the mouth easily.

Dentures have come a long way in terms of how realistic they look. There are two main types of dentures available at East End Dental Wellness: partial and complete. Partial dentures are used if you still have some of your natural teeth remaining. Complete dentures are used when you are missing all of your natural teeth.

Are dentures right for you?

Dentures are a great option if you want the look of a full smile but may not have the supporting bone structure for implants or bridges. They can also be a great lower-cost option if you are on a budget.

When you come to our Easton, MA dental office for your exam, cleaning, and consultation, we will discuss your options for replacing missing teeth. If Dr. Kim determines that a denture would be your best option, we work with a laboratory to create a custom set of dentures, made just for you.

Life with Dentures

Although we recommend you avoid very sticky or very hard foods such as taffy or hard candies, especially if you have a partial denture, for the most part, you can enjoy most of the foods you are used to. Be sure to consult with Dr. Kim regarding specific restrictions for your individual case.


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