Dental Bridges in Easton, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater, MA


A bridge is a dental procedure that is used to support the creation of a new “tooth” where you are missing one now. If it is determined that you are not a candidate for an implant (for example, if the bone underneath your missing tooth isn’t strong enough to support an implant), than a bridge may be an option for you.

The main difference between a bridge and an implant is that an implant uses the underlying bone beneath your missing tooth to secure a new artificial tooth into place. A bridge, however, uses the support of the teeth on the side of your missing tooth to secure the new artificial tooth in place.

A bridge consists of two ceramic crowns that are attached to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. A new “tooth” is crafted and placed in the space between your two crowned natural teeth. The crowned natural teeth are then fused to the new artificial tooth to hold it securely in place. Essentially, the three teeth (your natural tooth, the newly created tooth, and the other natural tooth) become one unit.

Bridge Treatment

Dr. Kim offers traditional bridge treatment. Here's how it works: Under local anesthetic, the first step is to reshape the teeth that are adjacent to your missing tooth. Then, an impression is made of your missing tooth and the teeth surrounding it so that a customized, exact-fix replacement tooth and crowns can be made. This impression is sent to a laboratory. When the new customized bridge is finished, you'll return to the office to have it placed. In the meantime, a temporary bridge is provided to fill the gap.

Post-Treatment Care

We encourage all patients to use proper brushing and flossing every day and continue to have regular checkups at our Easton dental office every six months. In addition, avoid chewing extremely hard foods such as hard candies and ice. These items can crack or break your bridge, as well as your natural teeth.

At East End Dental Wellness, we believe that you should be educated about all aspects of your oral health, not just one procedure. We take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, your specific needs and concerns, and work hard to make your procedure as smooth as possible. To learn more about bridges and all of our other tooth-replacement options, please call our Easton, MA dental office to schedule an appointment. 

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